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Efficient Appraisals Require Gemological Laboratory Equipment

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Professional Appraiser of Jewelry, Diamonds, & Gemstones

Serving Diamond, Gemstone, Watch & Jewelry Appraisal Needs in the Communities of New York, New Jersey, Southern Connecticut & Eastern Pennsylvania

Sheldon Jacob is an experienced, independent professional appraiser providing impartial, third party valuations for the following appraisal needs. (View Qualifications)

  • Insurance Replacement - Providing accurate replacement valuations reflecting appropriate coverage for the current market. Description accuracy makes it possible to recreate certain precious jewelry if lost or stolen.
  • Divorce/Dissolution of Partnership - Fair market value report for equal division of property
  • Charitable Contribution - Valuation report for donation purposes
  • Estate Settlement - Detailed appraisals for executors, attorneys, relatives, or accounting firms

Jewelry Appraisals While You Watch

S. Jacob & Sons maintains a complete portable gem laboratory that includes a portable gemscope and gem identification equipment to perform appraisals in the convenience of your home, office, bank vault, or store, as well in our Linden, New Jersey office.

Frequently Asked Questions About Jewelry Appraisals

What is your jewelry appraisal fee?

For a single diamond engagement ring (as an example) it usually takes one hour and my fee is $90.00. I will provide a free estimate for additional pieces.

Is there anything I should bring with the jewelry?

If you have a previous appraisal or a certificate from an independent laboratory, it is important that you bring this information with you. This will expedite the process in your interest.

Can I wait for the appraisal?

We examine your jewelry while you wait. The appraisal report will follow in the mail within a few days.

What if I need an appraisal, but I cannot go to your office?

We have a full portable laboratory and, for an additional cost, can meet you at your home, office, or other location.

Can you explain the appraisal procedure and process?

We take inventory of the jewelry that you want appraised and examine it very thoroughly for condition, weight, size, shape, color and clarity. A list of all the details that are required and needed for your appraisal is prepared. After this very careful examination, we research the pieces and assign a value. You will receive two copies of the appraisal report.

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